Will Beger was born and raised in Arizona. Now living in Scottsdale, he has a love for the Southwest. Inspired by his Grandparent’s art collection, he started painting recreationally when he was 15 years old. Growing up, his parents monitored his screen time so he became a lizard-catching master and fiddled around with arts and crafts. They instilled his love for nature, humor and creativity. During the summer he would escape the heat with his family and go up to Truckee, California. The cabin they stayed at had no electricity but he rarely got bored. Fly fishing, painting, hiking and catching more lizards then at the Phoenix Zoo is what he grew up doing. He graduated for The University of Arizona with a degree in Agricultural Business and Natural Resource Economics with an emphasis in geology. He sailed on Semester At Sea his junior year. On the voyage he visited 13 different ports in 12 countries around the world while studying on board ship. On the adventure he gained international communication skills and cross-cultural appreciation. Drawing at Sea was a favorite class. These were the things that have inspired Will Beger the most. As an artist he paints mostly natural forms and figures. His work is varied in style but its generally textured and rich in color. 


University of Arizona
Agricultural Business And Resource Economics

Semester at Sea Spring 2015

Northern Arizona University


Art One Gallery-
4130 N. Marshall Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 946-5076

Altitude Coffee Exhibition
November 2017